A Student Information System designed for Small Schools

Simple, Efficient, Effective: eduARC makes school management easy.

Login Window
eduARC provides instant access to staff, students and parents. No email required.
Appropriate for use in any PK-12 School, Private, Public, or Charter.
Teacher Features
Intuitive features to meet your needs, without needing day-long trainings.
Course Calendar
Automatically created course calendars show teachers and students what’s happening in a course at a glance.
Gradebook - Add Assignment
A modern gradebook designed with speed and ease in mind.
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Is your school on Google Apps? Install eduARC to your domain now!

Start Small, Grow Big

eduARC.com is free for schools with less than 75 users (staff, parents, and students) and only $500 a year thereafter. As your school grows, you can easily migrate to a fully customized MyJeven.com solution that can serve medium to large schools, districts and charter school networks.

Focus on what Matters

eduARC.com focuses on providing the features you need, not the bells and whistles needed to sell you the next version. As a result eduARC.com is intuitive, easy to use, and gets your staff up and running in record time.

Type Less, Do More

Like other Innovation Teaching products eduARC is focused on saving time. Using our tiny, wireless Jeven bar-code scanners data entry tasks can be reduced by 75%. Attendance, behavior, gradebooks can be collected and filled out without typing.